iPhone 15 series will be launched in India on September 12
iPhone 15 series will be launched in India on September 12

As the iPhone 15‘s release date approaches, a variety of news is being released about it. The iPhone 15 has generated a lot of anticipation among enthusiasts ahead of its release. Regarding the features that will be included in the iPhone 15, numerous rumors have been produced.

At the Wanderlust event in California on June 12, Apple may introduce the new iPhone 15 series. Apple may possibly unveil the Air Pods and Apple Watch in addition to the iPhone 15 series. Both the Apple TV app and the company’s official website, apple.com, offer live streaming access to it.

In the iPhone 15 series, the business will also release an Ultra version. This allows for the launch of 5 iPhones this time around as opposed to 4 this time. Additionally, this model will be the most expensive in the series.

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Let us remind you that Apple debuted the Ultra model of the Apple Watch last year, and it was only then that speculation about the Ultra model appearing in the upcoming iPhone series began to grow. It is anticipated that the Ultra model will cost between $100 and $200 more than the Pro Max variant.

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