Aditya L1 sent selfie to ISRO from space
Aditya L1 sent selfie to ISRO from space

Aditya L1 Mission: Solar mission Aditya L1 of the Indian Space Research Organization has sent a selfie. Aditya L1’s several devices can be seen in this selfie. This was posted on social media by ISRO.

On September 4th, Aditya L1 had also shot a picture. The Earth and the Moon may both be seen in this image. The little Moon can be seen on the right side of the image, and a significant portion of the Earth is visible in this photograph.

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The Andhra Pradesh Space Centre of Sriharikota launched Aditya L1 on September 2. Aditya L1 will be placed in the halo orbit of the Lagrangian point, 1.5 million kilometers from Earth, after spending 128 days in space. Aditya L1’s payloads will examine the sun, plasma, and magnetic field.

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