Elephant angry at foreign tourist in Jaipur Amer Fort
Elephant angry at foreign tourist in Jaipur Amer Fort

Jaipur News: In Jaipur, there’s an elephant ride to see Amber Fort. There have been several decades of this pattern. But many times the elephants attack the tourists by barking.

A few days prior, Amber Fort in Jaipur experienced a similar incident where Amer’s elephant, “Gauri,” attacked tourists. This month, on February 13, a female Russian tourist was attacked by ‘Gauri’ in the main courtyard of Amer Fort.

‘Gauri’ is seen grabbing the Russian tourist by the trunk during the assault captured on camera at Amer Fort. He then swings him violently and throws him to the ground, shattering his leg. It also shows the mahout tumbling from the elephant’s back.

PETA India has been pleading with Rajasthan’s Department of Archeology and Museums to send Gauri to a sanctuary and cease exploiting her for rides for the past sixteen months. PETA India has written to Diya Kumari, the Deputy Chief Minister of Rajasthan and Minister of Tourism, Art & Culture, Archaeology, and Museums, requesting that Gauri be restored and that all elephant rides be replaced with environmentally friendly motorized vehicles immediately.

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