Kantara movie box office collection
Kantara movie box office collection

The box office trend for Kantara remains high as the film had a stellar second week. There was a 38% increase in revenue yesterday over the previous Monday and a 5% increase over its second Friday. Kantara’s entire box office receipts as of yesterday were approximately 48.50 crores of rupees, and today they will surpass the 50 crores threshold.

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Karnataka generates the most of the revenue with 46.30 crore rupees, followed by the rest of India with 2.20 crore rupees from a restricted sale of the Kannada version. Next week will see the release of the dubbed versions in other languages, which will increase revenue from sales outside of the home country.

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Kantara’s box office collection

Kantara made around Rs. 4.30 crores in Karnataka yesterday, which is more than KGF 2’s second Monday gross of Rs. 3.30 crores.

In the South Canara region, Kantara was already outpacing KGF Chapter 2‘s daily collections; now, it has begun to do so at the state level. How long it can last like this will be interesting to observe. Despite having lower ticket prices in the first week, the movie is a historic smash in South Canara and is expected to surpass KGF 2 as the highest-grosser ever.

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