Lifetime ban on cigarettes in New Zealand
Lifetime ban on cigarettes in New Zealand

New Zealand News: New Zealand will punish the tobacco industry the most severely. Cigarettes will no longer be available forever to the youth of this country. New Zealand argued that other measures taken to stop smoking were taking too long, so they should take this drastic step. For every youth born after 2008 in this country with a population of about 50 lakh, cigarettes and other tobacco products will not be available in their lifetimes.

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Young people under 15 in New Zealand smoke Cigarettes at a rate of 11.6%. This figure is 29 percent among the Maori people of New Zealand. Maori Health Task Force members will be consulted in the coming months by the government. Parliament will then consider the bill in June of next year. This law will be implemented in New Zealand by the end of 2022. Beginning in 2024, the restrictions will be phased in. The number of stores under the company will be significantly reduced. We have set a goal of having a generation that will no longer smoke cigarettes by 2027.

It is believed that this new law will go into effect next year. “We want to prevent young people from starting to smoke,” Health Minister Dr. Ayesha Veral said. On Thursday, this proposal was brought to the fore. The number of tobacco shops will also decrease due to this. In addition, nicotine levels in all products will be reduced.

In 2027, the country will have a non-smoking generation

We’ll make it a crime to supply or sell tobacco products to youths, said Minister Veral. Smoking will not be reduced to 5 percent in the next few decades if nothing changes, and the government will not abandon its people.

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