Alex, 31, from the UK
Alex, 31, from the UK

Many people around the world are fond of making strange records. There are people who make even the simplest task in this hobby difficult. Alex, 31, from the UK, also found such a straightforward journey challenging. In this entire trip, Alex’s car traveled at the fastest speed of 23 mph. From John O’Groats to Land’s End, this journey may take as much as 14 hours based on my research on Google Maps. Alex took three weeks to complete this journey.

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As of November 13, Alex has embarked on this journey. After three weeks, his journey came to an end. Since the car was so small, even from above the public could see it because it was moving so fast. The car that Alex used on the journey was the Peel P50. 1962 was the year of its production. The car has only one door. This was constructed between 1962 and 1965. The car production was halted after this.

This unit was made in 2007 through BBC’s show Top Gear, and its petrol version hit the market in 2011. Alex’s journey was 14 hundred miles long. Having to sit inside this small car for three weeks was challenging. His height is 5 feet 11 inches. It was only 137 cm long and 99 cm wide. The biggest challenge facing it was weather resistance. The car weighed very little. Due to this, it was very difficult to drive in the recent storms in the UK. However, Alex succeeded.

In talking about his difficult journey, Alex pointed out that there was a moment when he lost control of the car. After that, he took care of himself. People posed for Alex’s picture on the journey, and many people praised him as well. According to Alex, everyone was very supportive. Many people filled their cars with oil. He was fed by so many on the way. This was one of Alex’s most memorable experiences.

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