LPG gas cylinder prices increased
LPG gas cylinder prices increased

The general public is being hit by inflation as soon as March begins. LPG gas cylinders are now very expensive. The price of a commercial 19 kg LPG cylinder has increased by 105 rupees in Delhi. Prices will increase as of today. Kolkata has also seen an increase of Rs 108.

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As a result of this increase, its price has now increased to Rs 2,012 in Delhi. Besides this, the price of 5kg cylinder Chhotu is also seen increasing. Chhotu cylinders have been increased by 27 rupees in Delhi, with the price now going up to Rs 569. The price of LPG cylinders for domestic use has not changed.

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The cost of LPG Gas Cylinders increases

The price of LPG cylinders is revised every month by oil marketing companies. The price of a commercial 19 kg LPG cylinder on February 1 was lowered by Rs 91.50. As a result, its price has increased from Rs 1907 to Rs 2012 in Delhi following the increase. Furthermore, its price in Kolkata has increased from Rs 1987 to Rs 2095. Currently, it costs 1963 rupees in Mumbai, earlier it was 1857 rupees.

LPG cylinders are still the same price throughout the country. As of October 6, 2021, domestic LPG cylinders have never been cheaper nor more expensive, while crude oil has surpassed $100 per barrel in this same period.

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There has also been a rumor that the price of LPG cylinders could also drastically rise after the current assembly elections 2022.

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