Mahesh Babu tests positive for COVID-19
Mahesh Babu tests positive for COVID-19

The public is now concerned after a rapid rise in Coronavirus cases. Increased Corona numbers in the country indicate the beginning of the third wave. Bollywood stars have become Covid 19 positive. Some are still isolated, others have already defeated Corona.

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Mahesh Babu, the superstar of the South film industry, has also been infiltrated by Corona. Mahesh Babu has revealed that he is Covid positive on social media. As well as posting an update on his health on social media, he made a special appeal to his fans.

Maharash Babu’s health update

On social media, Mahesh Babu shared the news of being Corona positive. His most recent post mentions that he is home alone for the time being due to mild Corona symptoms. As he wrote in his post, “My Covid-19 positive comes after taking all necessary precautions.” There are mild symptoms of Corona in me. I have self-quarantined and at the same time am following medical guidelines.

This special appeal is for the fans

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Mahesh Babu later wrote, “I appeal to all those who have come into contact with me to get a test done. Those who have not had the vaccine should seek it out as soon as possible so that they can reduce the risk of having to go to the hospital. Finally, he wrote, “Please stay safe and follow the rules of Covid.”

Corona test performed after return from Dubai

After reading this post, the friends and fans of Mahesh Babu wish him a speedy recovery. Mahesh Babu recently returned from Dubai after spending a week there. New Year’s celebrations had taken him to Dubai. Upon returning to the USA with his family, everyone got corona tests done, in which Mahesh Babu came out positive. His family is yet to hear about their results.

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