Meta launches Instagram Reels APIs for developers
Meta launches Instagram Reels APIs for developers

The Instagram platform will be able to access multiple endpoints via the Reel API, introduced by Meta. The reel is the company’s main focus, the company claims, and it is offering new Reel APIs in response to feedback from its developer community. This information was obtained from TechCrunch’s post. A new set of features has been added to Instagram Reel, including content publishing, insights, comment moderation, hashtag search, business discovery, and mentions.

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Using the API, developers will be able to plan reels and calculate social interaction metrics for each reel.

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Developers will be able to hide and unhide comments, as well as disable and allow comments on reels, in addition to replying to comments and removing them.

Developers will now be able to look for public reels that contain particular hashtags. Additionally, developers will be able to recognise reels where the Instagram username of the author or business is stated.

According to Meta, developers who already have access to the relevant API will immediately have access to these reels.

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