Microsoft Bing new 'Deep Search' feature
Microsoft Bing new 'Deep Search' feature

OpenAI‘s GPT-4 is powering a new “Deep Search” feature coming to Microsoft Bing. The purpose of the function is to provide users with more thorough and pertinent responses to challenging search queries.

Microsoft notes that Deep Search is not a replacement for Bing’s existing web search, and is instead an enhancement that allows for deeper exploration of the web.

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Microsoft describes the new feature in a blog post. It improves upon Bing’s existing web index and ranking engine by using GPT-4, which takes the search query and transforms it into a more detailed description of what should be included in the results.

When your search query is more unclear, Deep Search will identify all potential meanings and provide a thorough description for each one. After that, Deep Search shows you these intentions so you may choose the appropriate one.

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