MLA Balmukund Acharya in action mode in Jaipur
MLA Balmukund Acharya in action mode in Jaipur

Jaipur: The ‘BJP‘s’ magic was evident in the Rajasthan Assembly elections. With 199 assembly seats, the BJP secured 115 seats in the state. Numerous MLAs from the BJP who were elected have already begun to carry out their duties. Balmukund Acharya, the BJP’s Hawamahal MLA, has been in action mode since early this morning.

A video that shows BJP MLA Balmukund Acharya telling an officer over the phone to take down the non-vegetarian food stalls from the streets is becoming viral on social media.

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Balmukund Acharya represents Hawamahal as an MLA. By phone, he warned the officer that non-vegetarian food should not be sold on the streets. It is advisable to remove all food stalls by evening. In addition to visiting Chandi Ki Taksal, Subash Chowk, and Karbala, he also visited many other places in Jaipur himself.

Can we publicly serve non-vegetarian food on the road?’ he inquired, calling the officer among the crowd. Give a yes or no response. As a result, you are endorsing this. As of right now, none of the non-vegetarian carts that are currently being constructed or driven should be visible. I don’t care who the officer is; I will get the report from you in the evening.

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