New Deltacron variant of Corona made by mixture Omicron and Delta
New Deltacron variant of Corona made by mixture Omicron and Delta

Among the worldwide havoc caused by Omicron, another variant of the Coronavirus has spread. In Cyprus, a new version of Covid-19 called Deltacron has appeared. The GISAID International Database Center has received samples of 25 DeltaCron cases in the European country of Cyprus for further analysis. The centers have been closely monitoring this variant since January 7. The University of Cyprus stated in a Bloomberg article that it was made from a mix of Omicron and Delta variants.

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Professor Levondios Kostriks, a Biology Science professor at the University of Cyprus, said the strain was a result of the union of Delta and Omicron. Besides being a university professor, he is also director of the Biotechnology Molecular Virology Center in Cyprus.

There are two dominant variants in the world right now, Omicron and Delta, and this new variant is a mixture of the two. Deltacron is the name of the variant. An omicron-like genetic trait was added to the delta genome as the result of the addition of a variant.

Thus far, Kostrix’s team has identified 25 such cases. People who have been hospitalized for Covid-19 infection have a higher chance of having this infection, in comparison to those who haven’t. An international database has been consulted for further study of the 25 cases. The infection or lethality of this variant must be determined. This variant has not yet been responded to by the World Health Organization.

Whether the variant is more sick or remains more contagious will be seen in the future, according to Costrix. How effective it is compared to Delta and Omicron remains to be seen. In my view, however, this strain will also fall short of Omicron, a highly contagious Corona strain.

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