Book Uber cab through WhatsApp
Book Uber cab through WhatsApp

You can now book Uber rides on WhatsApp in addition to sending messages. Only a few locations presently provide this Uber service. Users can only use this service in Lucknow and Delhi-NCR.

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Users must send a message to a cellphone number to do this. When booking a ride, users can choose Hindi or English. The app itself allows users to get the travel receipt.

How to book Uber cab through WhatsApp

The official Uber phone number must first be saved in the phone of the user in order to request an Uber trip using WhatsApp. That implies that you must store the official number +91-7292000002 on your phone.

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You must launch WhatsApp and initiate a chat with the chatbot on this number after saving the number. And all you have to do is write “Hello” in a message.

You must then submit the entire pickup and destination addresses. Additionally, users may post their real location for pickup.

Following this, consumers will get from Uber the potential fare and other information regarding the journey. You must then confirm the fare and journey.

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Upon confirmation from the driver, you’ll get a WhatsApp notification.

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