Omicron's new strain BA.2 enters India
Omicron's new strain BA.2 enters India

The number of Corona cases around the world is on the rise once again. In such a situation, Corona’s new variant, Omicron, has also caused havoc. The public has once again been concerned after Omicron subvariant BA.2 was detected. The Indian government has received 530 samples of this sub-variant so far.

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The sub-variant made its debut in India

Sub-variants of Omicron are causing a ruckus in the United Kingdom. As of now, it is also available in India. BA.2 and Omicron spread at a faster rate, say, health experts. Numerous cases associated with this subvariant of Omicron have been identified by the British Health Department. UKHSA designated it BA.2 following an investigation following the emergence of more and more cases.

530 samples were found in India

UK health officials have identified more than 400 cases of this variant in the first 10 days of January. 530 samples of Omicron subvariants were found in India, 181 in Sweden, and 127 in Singapore, according to a recent online news report.

‘Omicron and BA.2 are the same’

The Omicron variant has been classified as a “variant of concern” by the World Health Organization (WHO). The sub-variant BA.2 is also believed to be similar. Therefore, they are not significantly different. Yet scientists are closely monitoring its effect on the spread of pandemics in the future.

Around 40 countries have been affected by BA.2

About 40 countries have been reported as having detected the new Omicron sub-variant so far. Experts fear that the new variant will cause two separate pandemic peaks caused by the Omicron virus, with Denmark reporting the most cases of BA.2. The Omicron sub-variant BA.2 can only be determined through genome sequencing.

BA.2 is more contagious

Omicron continuously mutates, according to UKHSA Director Dr. Meera Chand. Thus, we can expect to continue seeing new versions. As part of our continuous monitoring, we are identifying the threat level as we sequence its genome. According to the UKHSA, the BA.2 strain contains 53 sequences, making it highly contagious. Due to its lack of specific mutations, it can easily be distinguished from the delta variant.

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