Paytm's 'Tap to Pay' feature will make payment without internet
Paytm's 'Tap to Pay' feature will make payment without internet

Paytm ‘Tap to Pay’ Feature: Using virtual cards from Paytm does not require you to connect to the Internet. This is a new service Paytm is offering to its users. Paying with your debit or credit card will be as easy as tapping your device. In stores, you can tap your phone and make payments with your Paytm registered card.

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The transaction will be faster

Even without internet access, this service can be used to pay with a card registered on Paytm with a single tap. Using this service is possible on both Android and iOS devices. The ‘Tap to Pay’ service will make payments easier and faster. In order to use this service, you need to activate your virtual card in order to make payments using Paytm All in One POS devices and POS machines from other banks.

You can use the digital card you receive in service at retail stores to facilitate fast payment transactions. The 16-digit number on the back of your card is converted into a digital form. Learn how to activate your card.

How to activate cards for ‘Tap to Pay’ service:

1.) From the ‘Tap to Pay’ screen, tap ‘Add New Card’ or select debit or credit card from the list.

2.) On the next screen, you will need to enter your card information.

3.) Accept the terms and conditions of the credit or debit card issuing bank for Tap to Pay services.

4.) You will receive an OTP via the email address or mobile number associated with your card.

5.) Tap to Pay’s home screen will display the Activated Card option as soon as this process is complete.

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