Petrol Diesel Price Today
Petrol Diesel Price Today

Major oil companies in the country have released petrol and diesel prices for Saturday, March 26. This is another increase by the oil marketing companies in petrol-diesel prices. In the capital Delhi, one liter of petrol has increased to Rs 98.61 and one liter of diesel has increased to Rs 89.87 due to the increase in oil prices yesterday.

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Fuel costs in Mumbai have increased due to the latest rise in oil prices to Rs 113.35 per liter for petrol and Rs 97.55 for diesel. Diesel and petrol prices in Delhi rose by 80-80 paise per liter while in Mumbai, petrol prices rose by 84 paise per liter and diesel 85 paise per liter.

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Petrol and diesel higher by Rs 3.20 in Delhi within four days

The price of gasoline and diesel continues to rise across the country. This week, petrol and diesel prices have increased for the fourth time in a row. Prices have increased by 80-80 paise for 4 consecutive days in Delhi. As a result, diesel and petrol prices in Delhi increased by Rs 3.20 over the past four days.

The price of petrol in Delhi was 95.41 rupees per liter before the increase in oil prices but is now 98.61 rupees per liter due to the increase in oil prices. You can view the latest petrol and diesel prices in your cities by clicking on this link.

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The price of crude oil also rose

The price of crude oil, meanwhile, is also rising today. The price of crude oil has reached $ 120.7 per barrel on the international market today. As of Saturday, WTI Crude prices have increased to $113 per barrel after increasing and Brent Crude prices have increased to $120.7 per barrel after increasing.

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