Instagram brings back chronological feed
Instagram brings back chronological feed

It has been revealed that Instagram will bring back chronological feeds. Two optional feeds are now available in the new Instagram app, accessible by tapping the Instagram logo at the top.

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You’ll see your chronological feeds of all posts from all the accounts you follow in the first one, and your favorites in the second. In order for Instagram to be the best experience for users, it would like to make it easy for them to see what interests them most.

Specifically, Instagram said that posts you follow will appear on your feed, along with suggested posts. Using Instagram, users can keep up with their friends and favorite producers. In addition, you will see more posts from favorited accounts in your home feed.

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The following users can view the posts of people they follow. The user’s posts will be displayed in sequence to allow them to catch up on both favorites and recent posts. To see Favorites and Followers, users must swipe left on Instagram’s home page to select what they see.

By adding accounts to your Favorites, you can view the most recent posts from those accounts. Users can be added or removed at any time in the company’s view – there is no notification when someone is added or removed. A star icon is displayed at the top of the Home Feed when posts come from your Favorite Accounts.

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As of right now, none of these new feeds can be set as default, so you’ll always see the default algorithm-based feed, and you’ll need to manually select the Favorites feed if you want it to show on your account.

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