PM Modi will inaugurate Kartavya Path
PM Modi will inaugurate Kartavya Path

The name of Rajpath will change from today. Rajpath, the street that links Vijay Chowk and India Gate, will now be history. The roughly 3-kilometer-long Rajpath will now go by the name Kartavya Path. Today, the Kartavya Path will be inaugurated by Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Rajpath’s name is changing, but it’s also getting a makeover from top to bottom.

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There will also be an inauguration of a statue of Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose at India Gate. The India Gate Circle C Hexagon will continue to be blocked by traffic.

Today Kartavya Path inaugurated

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An area of Central Vista will be dedicated to the nation today by Prime Minister Modi. At 7 o’clock, PM Modi will officially open the Kartavya Path. The statue of Netaji at India Gate will also be unveiled at the same time. A 28-foot-tall hologram of Netaji was previously erected at India Gate. A 65 metric ton granite sculpture, it is carved out of granite.

Wednesday, the name change was approved

Kartavya Path has also been expanded with six new parking lots. There are 6 vending zones now. There are created 1580 red-and-white sandstone bollards. Along this Kartavya Path, a 19-acre canal has been developed and 150 trash cans have been installed. The Kartavya Path will be dedicated to the country by Prime Minister Narendra Modi after the NDMC approved the renaming of the Rajpath on Wednesday.

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What is the Kartavya Path?

In addition, if we talk about the Kartavya Path rather than Rajpath, it is roughly three kilometers long. It contains 4,087 trees. It has 114 contemporary indicators. More than 900 lights are present. There have been constructed 8 feature blocks. 1,10,457 square meters make up its area. There are 987 concrete pillars that are quite thick. There are another 1,490 manholes in it in addition to this. There are now 4 pedestrian underpasses. There are 422 benches that are fashioned of red granite.

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