Praful Billore, Popular As MBA Chai Wala
Praful Billore, Popular As MBA Chai Wala

Praful Billore, 21, decided to forgo his dream of studying MBA at the Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad; and sell tea instead as a means to support his family.

The decision now seems worth it; as he owns an empire worth Rs 3 crore, all made from selling tea since 2017.

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Madhya Pradesh native Praful Billore sought admission to IIM, Ahmedabad. MBA graduates receive lucrative job offers, which appealed to the 21-year-old boy. When he graduated in commerce, he earned Rs 25,000 a month as an Amway salesman; so he thought an MBA made sense. His CAT (Common Admission Test) scores were not good.

Today it has become an inspiration for the youth that Praful Billore, who rose to fame with MBA Chai Wala; overcome all hurdles and became an Entrepreneur today.

However, he was not admitted to the colleges he wished to attend despite taking an English-language course. While his family pressed him to continue his studies despite his desire to pursue an MBA; he gave up the idea in 2017.

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As a result, he remembers those days of frustration and depression when he did not get admitted. Praful Billore had a different plan. The city which he explored had a great vibe; and he decided that it would be a good place to start something of his own. He started out working at McDonald’s and earning 300 rupees a day.

As a result, he decided to open his own tea stall after three months at McDonald’s; he believes in the slogan, “Dream Big, Start Small, and Act Now.” An 8,000 rupee loan from his father helped him start a tea stall named MBA Chai Wala.

MBA Chai Wala’s Struggle Journey

As of July 25, 2017, he had launched his business. With an earthen cup and toast along with tissue paper; he served tea in an unusual way to make his stand look unique. A price of Rs 30 was charged for the combo.

When Praful Billore approached people to try his tea stall, he encouraged them to do so. The fluency of his English enabled him to succeed. His family was unaware of what he was doing until he started selling 10,000-11,000 cups daily within a month. Their first reaction was not receptive, but they gradually accepted his decision after seeing a YouTube video.

Coming from a good family, he said it was a huge step to decide to open a tea stall. When he heard that someone who wanted an MBA had started selling tea; his friends and family would laugh at him.

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He was intimidated by cops, goons, and administration staff who asked him not to sell tea from that spot. Despite the odds, he never gave up. Praful Billore started off running a roadside stall for tea and now runs a network of cafes near that location. Today, people on social media are praising this unique initiative of his “MBA Chai Wala“, and are saluting his ability and passion.

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