Vladimir Putin on Russia-Ukraine war
Vladimir Putin on Russia-Ukraine war

The enemy may emulate America’s tactic of attacking first in response to an assault threat, Russian President Vladimir Putin warned on Friday. The enemy possesses the weaponry to do so.

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At a meeting of the Economic Alliance of former Soviet states in Kyrgyzstan, Putin remarked in reference to US policies, “We are merely thinking about it.” In recent years, he has not been reluctant to discuss it freely.

Regarding the US plans to create a so-called “conventional rapid global strike” capability, which calls for attacking a conventional target anywhere in the globe within an hour, the Kremlin has expressed worry for years.

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He asserted that while the US has not yet deployed hypersonic weapons capable of such an assault, Russia has already done it.

Additionally, he asserted that Russia currently possesses cruise missiles with a range greater than that of the United States.

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According to Putin, the US has not ruled out the idea of using nuclear weapons as a first resort. “It requires us to think about the dangers posed by such concepts in the defensive posture of other nations,” he added. “If a prospective adversary thinks that it can pursue a strategy of attack under the cover of the threat of attack and we do not. Is.’

Nuclear weapons can be deployed by Biden

Under the condition of anonymity, a US official said that President Joe Biden’s Washington-based aides had referred to Putin’s remarks as “war incitement.” He forewarned Biden about the potential use of strategic nuclear weapons. According to the source, Russian military doctrine has long believed that Moscow has the authority to deploy nuclear weapons as the first line of defense against all-out military assault.

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