Rain may knock in Delhi today
Rain may knock in Delhi today

Friday morning’s minimum temperature in the national capital reached 29.8 degrees Celsius, which is two degrees above normal. India Meteorological Department provided this information. The India Meteorological Department reports that Delhiites can find some relief from the heat during the day. There will be cloudy skies and light rain during the day. Temperatures may reach 43.8°C.

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The Meteorological Department reported that the relative humidity at 8.30 am was 36 percent. As a result of hot, dry westerly winds, North West and Central India have been struck with a heat wave since June 2. According to IMD, Delhi-NCR and other parts of northwest India should see some relief over the weekend, but no major relief is expected until June 15.

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The Air Quality Index (AQI) for Delhi was recorded as poor (255) around 9 am, according to data provided by SAFAR, the System of Air Quality and Weather Forecasting and Research.

Monsoon growing at a steady pace

People are waiting for the monsoon to bring relief from the heat. A scientist at IMD, R.K. Jenamani, reported that the monsoon made landfall on the Kerala coast on 29 May and reached the southern and central Arabian Seas, Kerala, Karnataka, and Tamil Nadu by 7 June.

Asked if the monsoon would reach Delhi-NCR and northwestern India by the expected date, Jenamani replied that it is too early to predict. The monsoon is expected to reach Maharashtra in the next two days, and it will engulf the entire Mumbai region in the days ahead.”

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According to the IMD, the monsoon should arrive in Delhi on June 27, but it actually happened on July 13, a record for the longest delay in the past 19 years.

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