Russia has more atom bombs than America
Russia has more atom bombs than America

Russia’s army is marching full power into Ukraine on the battlefield. A contingent of the Russian army is continually besieging Kiev, for which they are attacking everything in their way. Tanks can be seen rumbling through the cities of Ukraine. A missile attack shows the city ruins.

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The world’s eyes are on Russia

The eyes of the whole world are actually on the Russia-Ukraine war. Because for the first time in Europe since the Second World War, such massive bloodshed has been witnessed on the ground. Vehicles that plowed through the streets of Ukraine a week ago have become piles of rubble.

Meanwhile, millions of people have left Ukraine and millions more are seeking refuge in other countries. In such a case, the question becomes: if there is no result on the table of talks, then what will happen on the battlefield? The entire world agrees there should be no war because no dispute can be settled by war.

Russian nuclear bombings at the forefront

Russia is currently threatening nuclear war; what is the cause of this? A nuclear war has horrifying consequences, as the world has seen. Having the most nuclear bombs in the world makes Russia the most powerful country in the world.

According to statistics, Russia has 6255 nuclear bombs, while America has 5550. Thus, 90 percent of the world’s atomic bombs are in these two countries. Russian nuclear weapons are also greater than those of the United States. Regardless, no country in the world can contemplate a nuclear attack in the current environment.

There are more atom bombs in Pakistan than in India

When talking about nuclear power countries, China comes after Russia and the USA. There are 350 nuclear bombs in China. After that, France has 290 and Britain has 225 nuclear weapons. There are more nuclear bombs in Pakistan than in India. There are 165 atomic bombs in Pakistan, and 156 in India. Israeli has 90 atom bombs and North Korea has 40 to 50 atom bombs.

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Strength of the Atom –

1. The Russians have 6255 nuclear weapons
2. The United States has 5550 nuclear weapons
3. China has 350 atomic bombs
4. France has 290 atomic bombs
5. Britain has 225 atomic bombs
6. Pakistan has 165 atomic bombs
7. India has 156 atomic bombs
8. Israel has 90 atomic bombs
9. North Korea has 40-50 atomic bombs.

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