Russia Ukraine War
Russia Ukraine War

The Russian president has ordered a ‘special’ operation in the Donbass region in Ukraine. There were subsequent reports of explosions from several Ukrainian cities, including Kiev and Kharkiv. On-the-ground sources told Republic Media Network that, within 3 minutes, there were two explosions heard from an apartment in Khreshtyak, Kiev.

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The Kremlin leader said Moscow does not plan to invade the former Soviet Union nation, moments after Russian forces entered the country from Crimea. “Ukrainian soldiers should give up their weapons and return home,” said Russian President Putin.

Russia’s Vladimir Putin says fighting between Ukrainian and Russian forces is ‘inevitable’, urging Ukrainian troops to return home. Ukrainians who left the conflict would be able to return safely to their families.

The Ukrainian government has ordered airports in eastern Ukraine to stay closed from midnight to 7 a.m. (local time) due to a conflict with Russia. PTI reports that Ukrainian aviation authorities have designated some airspace in the east a “hazardous zone” in response to Russian attempts to regain control of it.

The UN on the Russia-Ukraine crisis

During his opening remarks to a UN Security Council meeting on Thursday, Antonio Guterres urged Russian President Vladimir Putin to “stop” troops and “give peace a chance.” In response to warnings of Russian aggression in Ukraine, Guterres said, “In recent days, there have been many situations with similar signs, similar rumors, but I never believed them. I always believed that nothing was serious. I made a mistake.”

India’s response to the crisis

India’s “independent position” on the Ukraine crisis was welcomed by the Russian Foreign Ministry and it reflected the special and deep relationship between the two countries. According to Russian Deputy Chief of Mission Roman Babushkin, India is an important global power that focuses on world affairs with a ‘free and balanced’ approach.

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