Samsung will also enter the Metaverse
Samsung will also enter the Metaverse

Samsung has been eyeing things like the Metaverse and robotics to be future-ready. In addition to acquiring companies in the artificial intelligence, 5G, and automotive electronics sectors, the company is also looking to expand its portfolio. In addition to announcing its long-term company vision, Samsung also held a general shareholders meeting this week.

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As the vice-chairman and co-CEO of the company, Han Jong-hee, pointed out at a meeting at the company’s headquarters, “We will develop Metaverse devices and solutions enabling users to access the Metaverse anytime and anywhere.”

According to South Korean news outlet Hankyung, Samsung Electronics has announced that its move into the metaverse will remain, as experts predict future growth owing to the weak performance of the company’s stock and signs of a shortage.

Moreover, Samsung has not made any significant acquisitions since 2016, so some say its future preparations are lax like those of its competitors. You may be interested in knowing that the company acquired Harman in 2016 for $ 80 million (roughly Rs 60,640 crore).

In a recent interview with Korea JoongAng Daily, the company’s vice chairman revealed that the Metaverse project motivated the company to produce new hardware. Though Han provided too little information for speculation, it is believed that Samsung could join Meta and Microsoft is placing a big bet on it.

‘Please wait until the Metaverse device launches because we are hard at work,’ said Han, the head of both mobile communications and consumer electronics at Samsung Electronics.

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