PM Modi used his influence to stop Ukraine conflict
PM Modi used his influence to stop Ukraine conflict

The conflict between Ukraine and Russia has now become extremely dangerous. As a result, most countries hope that the conflict between the two countries will end soon. Australia said the ‘quad’ countries have accepted India’s stand on Russia’s attacks in Ukraine. Aside from that, no country will be upset with Prime Minister Narendra Modi using his contacts to advocate an end to the conflict in this war-torn country.

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In an interview with reporters, Australia‘s High Commissioner to India Barry O’Farrell revealed that the Quad countries agreed with India’s position. There are bilateral relationships between all countries, and it is evident from the comments of the Ministry of External Affairs and Prime Minister Narendra Modi himself that these contacts have been used to advocate for an end to Ukraine war. I’m sure no country would be unhappy with this.

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You should know that India avoids criticizing Russia. India’s quad partners – America, Japan, and Australia – strongly condemn the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Thus, it was also expected that India would take a different position on this matter. As a result of the old friendship between India and Russia, India has avoided retaliating directly against the attack of the Russian army.

India was not accused of supporting events in Ukraine, as reported by news reports. Apparently, India is trying to follow the policy laid out by Nehru 65 years ago. India’s Prime Minister Modi and Australia’s Scott Morrison will attend a virtual summit today. During this summit between the two countries, the Ukraine crisis is also expected to be discussed.

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