Saudi Arabia Salma Al Shehab jailed for 34 years
Saudi Arabia Salma Al Shehab jailed for 34 years

The role that social media plays in people’s lives today is enormous. People have begun sharing their opinions on this platform. Social media is also used by individuals who want to see societal change. However, certain nations are opposed to its use. They contend that these locations harm the nation’s tranquillity. All external social networking sites are blocked in China. Weibo, a localized version of social media, is available in the nation. They use this.

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Saudi Arabia has also made a lot of departments to rein in social media activity, similar to China. Anytime a citizen is found breaking the law, a sedition charge is filed against them. A woman from Saudi Arabia recently traveled to the UK and used her newly created Twitter account to tweet there. The woman has now received a 34-year prison sentence as a result of these posts. He was charged with endangering Saudi Arabia’s sense of security.

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Studying in the UK

Salma Al Shehab was named as the woman. She is a student at Leeds University in the UK and has two kids. She recently took a vacation to the UK. However, on his way there, he shared some of these tweets on Twitter, which the authority claimed could spook the populace. He was therefore detained as soon as he returned, and the trial immediately began.

Sentencing increased to 34 years

Salma had already received a three-year sentence. However, a quick call to stiffen the penalty followed this. Later, after taking everything into account, Salma’s prison term was doubled to 34 years. That means Salma will be 68 years old when she is released from prison after finishing her term.

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