SBI home loans became expensive
SBI home loans became expensive

State Bank of India, the largest bank in the country, has increased the interest rate on home loans. Starting June 15, the new rates will apply to home loans. MCLR (Marginal Cost of Lending Rate) has been increased by 0.20 percent. It also became effective on June 15. As a result of the Reserve Bank of India‘s increase in repo rates by 50 basis points, the State Bank of India has taken this step.

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According to a report, now the bank has the minimum interest rate on home loans at 7.55 percent. Those with CIBIL scores above 800 will be eligible for a 7.55 percent home loan. People whose CIBIL score is 750-799 will get a loan at 7.65 percent per annum. Similarly, SBI will give home loans at the rate of 7.75 percent to those with CIBIL scores of 700-749 and 7.85 percent to those with 650-699 scores. Similarly, people whose CIBIL score is between 550 to 649, will have to pay interest at the rate of 8.05 for the home loan. These are floating interest rates and they are repo linked.

MCLR also increased

The bank has also increased the one-year benchmark MCLR from 7.20 percent to 7.40 percent. Personal loans, auto loans, and home loans are almost all linked to MCLR. Because of this, if the repo rate changes, then they also do. From June 15, SBI has also increased its Repo Rate Linked Lending Rate (RLLR). Earlier RLLR was 6.65 percent, which has now been increased to 7.15 percent. From June 15, the new rates have become effective.

FD interest rates also increased

Interest rates on SBI fixed deposits maturing within 211 days of less than Rs 2 crores were increased to 3 years on June 14. Fixed deposit interest rates increased by 20 basis points from 4.40 percent to 4.60 percent for 211-day and shorter-term deposits.

Earlier, on FDs ranging from one year to less than two years, where the bank was paying interest at the rate of 5.10 percent per annum to the customers, now it will get 5.30 percent interest. The bank is now paying 5.35 percent interest on fixed deposits maturing in two to three years.

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