Gadar 2 Box Office Collection Day 5
Gadar 2 Box Office Collection Day 5

The box office havoc caused by Sunny Deol‘s movie “Gadar 2” doesn’t seem to be slowing down. Since the first day of its release, the movie has received a positive reception from the public. ‘Gadar 2‘s’ opening weekend was also quite strong, and the movie is also doing well over the weekdays. The movie amassed a staggering amount of money and broke all box office records.

With their enduring roles as Tara Singh and Sakina, Sunny Deol, Utkarsh Sharma, and Ameesha Patel are once again capturing the hearts of the viewers. However, on August 15, “Gadar 2” made the most of the Independence Day celebration and audiences flocked to the theaters to see it.

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Gadar 2 Box Office Collection Day 5

Gadar 2, which had 40 crores in revenue when it opened its account on Friday, brought in 43.08 crores on day two. The movie sparked a mutiny on Sunday’s third day by making 51.7 crores. The revenue for the fourth day was 38.7 crores. Early trends indicate that Gadar 2 made 55 crores on Tuesday, the fifth day. With this, the movie’s 5 days of box office receipts totaled 228 crores.

The movie starring Sunny Deol has joined the 200 crore club. For the filmmakers, cast, and viewers, such a magnificent compilation of the movie is nothing less than a huge treat.

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