Supreme Court raised questions on tanker mafia over water crisis in Delhi
Supreme Court raised questions on tanker mafia over water crisis in Delhi

Delhi water crisis: In Delhi, the country’s capital, there is a water crisis. Regarding this, the BJP and the Aam Aadmi Party are blaming one another. The Delhi government was now chastised by the Supreme Court on Thursday for this.

What actions has it taken to combat the city’s tanker mafia, the judge inquired. The Supreme Court said that people are upset. Every news channel features images of it. If a summertime water shortage is an ongoing issue, what actions have you taken to reduce water waste? The top court said, “We will ask the Delhi Police to take action against the tanker mafia if you are not taking any action against them.”

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In the most recent case, the Delhi government chose to have ADM and SDM monitor the water pipeline to reduce water waste. According to the Delhi government, there will be no place for water leaks. Not a single drop of water must be wasted.

The Delhi administration was instructed by the Supreme Court to submit an affidavit detailing the measures taken to prevent water waste, and the court allowed the affidavit to be submitted either today or tomorrow before the hearing. The Supreme Court postponed the case’s hearing until tomorrow.

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