No entry in Taj Mahal without covid testing
No entry in Taj Mahal without covid testing

Because of the spike in Coronavirus infections in China, concern has spread to the surrounding nations, including India. India’s government has requested that fundamental corona procedures be followed by everyone.

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The Central and State Governments are both on high alert over Covid and have begun to take a variety of safeguards. Due to this, a Corona alert has also been issued for the Taj Mahal, India’s most visited tourist destination.

In reality, a sizable number of travelers come here and overseas to view the Taj Mahal. In such a case, admission for visitors to the Taj Mahal would henceforth only be granted based on Covid testing.

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The Taj Mahal has been placed on notice, according to the district health information officer of Agra. In light of a large number of local and international visitors, it has reportedly been mandated that they submit to Covid testing before visiting the Taj Mahal. If testing is not done, they won’t be permitted on campus.

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