News of the bomb in the plane coming from Moscow to Delhi caused a stir
News of the bomb in the plane coming from Moscow to Delhi caused a stir

The report of the bomb on board the flight from Moscow to Delhi created a commotion. This aircraft arrived in Delhi from Moscow last night. At roughly 3.20 pm, this airplane touched down in Delhi. A bomb threat was made last night on the Moscow-Delhi flight, according to the police. The unloading of passengers and crew members was completed. There was no bomb found inside, however. An investigation is underway in this case.

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Disembarked 386 passengers and checked the aircraft

The Delhi Fire Department was warned of a bomb threat on flight SU 232 at 1:28 pm, according to the information (Moscow to Delhi). This raised controversy. The investigation of the aircraft is ongoing following the landing of 386 passengers and 16 crew members on runway 29.

Bomb information in flight already received

After hearing about the bomb, panic spread on the flight from Iran to China, although it landed safely later. The pilots of the passenger airliner then phoned Delhi ATC and requested permission to land the aircraft after learning about the explosives in the plane. The aircraft could, however, land on Indian territory in Chandigarh and Jaipur. The pilots, however, resisted making the landing. Following this, the plane spent the next 45 minutes flying over India. The Indian Airforce thereafter went on alert. Sukhoi fighter aircraft from the Air Force were positioned behind it.

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The plane was sent to China once Iran gave it the all-clear. The departure point for the flight was the Indian border. However, no bomb was discovered in the flight when the jet was searched in China. There was only a rumor that there was a bomb. India was informed of the bomb on the flight by Lahore ATS.

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