Situation worsens in Assam due to floods
Situation worsens in Assam due to floods

Assam Floods: Because of the ongoing heavy rains, the situation in the country’s northeastern states keeps getting worse. People in Assam are living in temporary camps as they cope with flooding that has been happening for the past month. Assam’s flood scenario is becoming worse. In Assam, the affected population is around 6 lakh, and over 60 people have passed away thus far.

The location of this video is Morigaon, Assam. where the Brahmaputra River’s water flowing into villages on Monday made the flood situation worse.

Animals are stranded as a result of flooding and strong rains, and since vehicles could hit them and cause injuries or even death, the Additional District Magistrate of Kalibor has issued an order.

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On the route of NH 715 (former NH 37), vehicles of any kind are not allowed to go faster than 20 or 40 km/h.

An order has been issued by the Golaghat SP on the flood situation caused by heavy rains. It specifies that all passenger vehicles—private and commercial—must drive at carefully regulated speeds and must have police and force personnel on duty every 30 minutes. Pilot cars will be positioned at Panbari and the Bagori border. They’ll work along with the forest staff and police in Nagaon.

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