TikTok became the most popular website
TikTok became the most popular website

As of 2021, Tiktok is the most popular domain, surpassing Google as the most popular platform for short videos. Cloudflare, a web security company, has compiled a list after analyzing data for a year. The report says that Google and nine other major companies are behind Tik Tok. Google ranked first in 2020, followed by Facebook, and TikTok was seventh in popularity.

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Last year, several Chinese apps, including Tik Tok, were blocked in India for security reasons. Tik Tok was among the apps that Google removed from its Play Store following the government ban. Furthermore, it is not available in the Apple Store. Despite its limitations, this app is still widely used in India.

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Leaving behind many big companies

In a report from Cloudflare, on February 17, 2021, Tiktok was the top site for one day. Tik Tok remained the most popular app in March and May for a short period of time. Tik Tok’s popularity increased after August 10, 2021. Google was number one only a few days during this period. Tiktok maintained its top spot for most of October and November. On November 25 and 26, Black Friday and Thanksgiving fell on the same day. Among the websites ranked below Google in 2021 are Facebook, Microsoft, Apple, and the e-commerce website Amazon.

WhatsApp has reached number 10

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Despite its popularity, Whatsapp has risen to position 10 in this list, while Twitter has reached position 9. YouTube and Netflix, two OTT platforms, remain at 7 and 8 on this list.

Many big countries, including the United States, still use Tiktok

For the first time, Tiktok, which was banned in India, was most popular during the lockdown caused by Corona. At this point, it was used by 1 billion people each month. Europe, Brazil, and Southeast Asia are among the countries where this short video app is the most popular. Tik Tok is the property of China’s ByteDance Company. The Singapore-based company TikTok announced earlier this year that Shouji Chew had been named its new CEO.

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