Google fined $98 million
Google fined $98 million

Google was fined an unprecedented amount by a Moscow court on Friday for failing to remove illegal content. Foreign tech giants were under pressure from Russian authorities, but a court fined them for not complying. Telegram’s court press service reported that the US firm was fined 7.2 billion rubles ($9.8 million, 8.6 million euros).

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The biggest Russian tech companies were fined for improperly moderating their content and interfering with Russian affairs.

Nevertheless, foreign tech giants such as Meta (Facebook), Twitter, and Google (Meta (Facebook), Twitter, and Google), as well as other foreign companies, were fined millions of rubles, not billions. According to Interfax news agency, the fine was determined by calculating Google’s annual revenue as a percentage of the fine.

The same allegations are being heard in court later today against Meta. It has also been warned about revenue-based fines.

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