TMC MP Derek O Brien suspended in Rajya Sabha
TMC MP Derek O Brien suspended in Rajya Sabha

The Manipur topic caused a commotion in the Rajya Sabha. In the meantime, TMC MP Derek O’Brien has been suspended from the Rajya Sabha. The House has taken action against him for indecent behavior during the session. The rest of the season has been suspended for Derek O’Brien.

Derek O’Brien got up and suggested that there be a discussion about the Manipur problem. He was told to remain cool by the chairman. Dhankhar was likewise irate when he objected. He yelled angrily. Only after that did Piyush Goyal file a motion of no confidence, leading to his expulsion from the Rajya Sabha. The House’s activities were then suspended till 12 o’clock shortly after that.

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The suspension motion was read by Piyush Goyal, who stated, “I propose to suspend Derek O’Brien from the House for continuously obstructing the proceedings of the House and disobeying the Chair.” The proposal was swiftly adopted by the chairman. For the remainder of the monsoon season, Derek O’Brien has been suspended.

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