Rain will be heavy in Central and North West India
Rain will be heavy in Central and North West India

Monsoon is expected to pick up the pace once again in the country from tomorrow i.e. June 28. Meteorologists predict that along with central India, there will be widespread rain in the north-western parts of the country. A good amount of rain will be recorded in the first week of July. Along with western Rajasthan, there may be good rain in the Kutch region of Gujarat. A normal monsoon rain will end in June as well.

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Private weather forecasting agency Skymet says that the first week of July will be rainy for central and northwest India. During the initial period of July, good rains may occur over West Rajasthan as well as the Kutch region of Gujarat.

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Agency experts said that the rainfall deficit on June 24 was -4%. After this, the lack of rain increased further. The revival of Monsoon seems to be weakening till June 27. The East-West Trough will once again move southwards over the Northern Plains, which will lead to an increase of East and South East winds from the Bay of Bengal.

He says that the onset of monsoon this year was weak. Till the first fortnight of June, the rains were below average across India. North West and Central India did not experience heavy rainfall. The rain activities gathered pace during the second fortnight of June and by June 22, the monsoon rains in the country had become break-even. Soon after, the weather turned dry over much of Northwest India and Central India, as dry and warm westerly winds replaced the humid easterly winds.

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