Naxalites blast damaged railway tracks in Jharkhand
Naxalites blast damaged railway tracks in Jharkhand

Rail tracks in Jharkhand have been damaged by blasts caused by Naxalites. It has disrupted the movements of many trains. Trains have had to be canceled. The Jharkhand-Bihar bandh was actually announced by the Naxalite organization CPI-Maoist on January 27. The Naxalites have targeted the section of railway that runs from New Delhi to Howrah via Gaya-Dhanbad.

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A bomb has exploded on the Up and Down track between Chichaki and Choudhary dam of the Saria police station area in Giridih district of Jharkhand. The blast damaged the track, as well as disrupted the movement of trains on this route. Naxalites are reported to have exploded around 12:15 pm when they reached this area. After receiving information, the Giridih Police team reached the spot.

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The trains were affected

Several trains, including the Ganga Damodar and Lokmanya Tilak Express, have been halted at various stations due to this incident. While efforts to normalize the situation have been made immediately. Police and CRPF are conducting a search operation in the surrounding area at the same time. Since the attack by the Naxalites, many trains have been rerouted and some have also been canceled.

The trains have been canceled

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In addition, 13305 Dhanbad – Dehri On Sone Express, 13306 Dehri On Sone – Dhanbad Express, 03546 Gaya – Asansol Passenger, and 03553 Asansol – Varanasi Passenger will remain canceled.

What is the demand of the Naxalites?

Naxalite organizations are extremely angry since Prashant Bose and his wife Sheela Di, an important leader of the CPI-Maoist, were arrested. It was closed twice after being arrested by the Naxalite organization. During the protest day this time, January 21 to January 26 was celebrated to demand the release of both. Then, mobile towers were blown up at Khukra and Madhuban in Giridih. An attempt was made to blow up a mobile tower near the Bishangarh police station in Dumri when the bridge over the Barakar river near Nurango was blown up.

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