UK bans travel to 6 countries over new Corona variant
UK bans travel to 6 countries over new Corona variant

In response to a new variant of Coronavirus in South Africa (Covid-19 New Variant), there has been an international crisis. On Thursday, South Africa’s virologist Tulio de Oliveira confirmed the discovery of a Covid variant with multiple mutations. After this, the United Kingdom (UK) has temporarily suspended flights from six African countries (UK Bans Flights).

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Sajid Javid, UK Health Secretary, informed the public about the cancellation of flights. An emergency meeting has been called by the World Health Organization.

Javid tweeted, ‘UKHSA is investigating a newer version and more data is needed, but precautions are being taken.’ According to him, six African countries will be added to the Red List from Friday afternoon. UK passengers will have to remain in quarantine and flights will be temporarily banned.

B.1.1.529 is the name given to the new Corona variant by scientists. A WHO emergency meeting has also been requested. According to Oliviera, the most important reason behind the increased number of Corona patients in South Africa is the mutation with multiple mutations.

The Health Protection Agency of the UK noted in a statement, “The variant has a large number of spike protein mutations as well as mutations in other parts of the viral genome.” These are potentially important mutations that can change the behavior of a virus in regards to vaccines, treatments, and transmission. ‘Needs further investigation.’

Sajid Javid said: We are taking precautionary steps to protect public health. Vaccination campaigns are also continuously strengthened. Winter is approaching, so we are carefully monitoring the situation.

We will also screen travelers from Hong Kong and Botswana

Also in India, instructions have been issued to strictly check passengers arriving from South Africa, Hong Kong and Botswana. The central government has ordered that special measures be taken by the states. The states have been asked to thoroughly screen people arriving from South Africa, Hong Kong, and Botswana. Avoid any kind of carelessness at all costs.

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