Ukraine is now under threat of nuclear war from Russia
Ukraine is now under threat of nuclear war from Russia

In an exercise on the Ukrainian border, Russia is exercising its nuclear strategic forces under the supervision of President Putin. Russia’s nuclear power appears to be a scare tactic. Putin had previously been authorized by the Russian parliament to deploy forces outside of Russia. The Russian president accorded full independence to two Ukrainian regions the day before.

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Ukraine and its sovereign territory no longer include these regions, according to Putin. The Russian government ignored American and Western warnings by doing this, thereby inviting war between Ukraine and Russia. US officials say the armed forces stationed around Ukraine are “ready for attack”.

There is an increasing concern among Russians about a possible war with the West. However, it has been stated by the national security team of US President Joe Biden that “Russian attacks can happen at any time.” His senior advisors have also discussed this issue with Joe Biden.

According to Reuters, missiles will be launched from ships, submarines, and fighter planes during the latest Russian military exercise. They will also hit sea and land targets from the land.

Russia’s military activities in Eastern Europe are of concern to powerful G7 countries, who see no signs of Russian troops being withdrawn.

Also, it has been announced that U.S. and Canadian economic sanctions will be implemented against Russia amid the Ukraine crisis. As part of the economic sanctions announced by President Biden during his speech, his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin was accused of invading and provocating Ukraine. The vice president told reporters at the White House following the announcement of economic sanctions against Russia, “we understand fully the challenge we face.”.

“The open provocations of Russia pose a threat to world peace and security,” Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said during a press conference on the Russia-Ukraine crisis. “Canadian sanctions will remain in place until Ukraine’s territorial integrity is restored,” Trudeau said.

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