Vijay Antony Kolai Trailer
Vijay Antony Kolai Trailer

Vijay Antony fans across India are in for a double treat as the much-awaited crime-thrillers, “Kolai” in Tamil and “Hatya” in Telugu, are set to hit the big screens on 21st July 2023.

The recently unveiled trailers for “Kolai” and “Hatya” have already garnered immense praise, setting high expectations for their release.

The films, starring the powerhouse performer Vijay Antony, along with the talented Ritika Singh and Meenakshi Choudhary, have been creating waves of excitement among cinephiles. Directed by Balaji K Kumar and produced by Infiniti Film Ventures and Lotus Pictures, the movies promise an adrenaline-pumping experience with their gripping storyline and impeccable performances.

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In a strategic move to ensure a widespread release, Cinepolis India has come on board to distribute the Tamil version, “Kolai,” in North India. This collaboration is expected to amplify the films’ reach, allowing Vijay Antony’s fans in the northern region to revel in his stellar portrayal of characters.

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