WhatsApp banned 23 lakh accounts in India
WhatsApp banned 23 lakh accounts in India

Over 23 lakh Indian WhatsApp accounts have been banned in the past month. There was a deletion of Indian WhatsApp accounts in October. According to the report, 23,24,000 WhatsApp accounts were deleted between October 1 and October 31.

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Accounts banned for what reason

These WhatsApp accounts were banned as a result of user complaints. In total, the business banned 8,11,000 accounts out of 23 lakh accounts before the user complained. Because they disobeyed the platform’s policies and rules, these accounts were banned.

Indian users had complained about these accounts via the Grievance Mechanism, according to WhatsApp’s report. The organization received 701 grievance reports in the month of October. 34 of these accounts had their actions taken.

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According to the report, the platform is constantly committed to giving consumers a secure environment. The corporation consistently takes such action in order to prevent abuse and rule infractions. The business claims to be investing in cutting-edge technology, data scientists, specialists, and procedures, as well as artificial intelligence and other cutting-edge tools.

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The business is always putting users’ safety first. Let us inform you that the organization distributes the data in accordance with IT Rules 2021. The business details the accounts that have been handled in this. In line with this, the business also made its October report public.

Lakh accounts banned in September as well

Taking action against Indian accounts on WhatsApp is nothing new. The company has taken similar measures in the past as well and continues to block thousands of accounts for breaking the rules. In September, WhatsApp, which is owned by Meta, banned around 26.85 lakh accounts in India. Malicious accounts can also be reported from here: https://www.whatsapp.com/contact/.

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