WhatsApp launches self-destructing voice message feature
WhatsApp launches self-destructing voice message feature

WhatsApp Update: For all of you, WhatsApp has released yet another new feature. Disappearing audio messages, a feature of WhatsApp owned by Meta, let users record and send voice messages that are only audible once before disappearing. This is comparable to the 2021 release of the “View Once” option for pictures and videos.

Users can send an audio message that will only play once before disappearing using a function called Self-Destructing Audio Messages. According to Meta, this functionality might improve security in talks when you wouldn’t want any digital records of the material.

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“We introduced View Once for photos and videos in 2021 to add another layer of privacy to your messages. Today, we’re excited to announce that you can now send a voice message that’s audible. It will disappear after,” WhatsApp wrote in a blog post.

The recipient will be informed that they can only play these messages once before they expire via a “one-time” icon.

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