Sunny Deol film inspired Manoj Rawat to become IPS
Sunny Deol film inspired Manoj Rawat to become IPS

We’re going to tell you today about an IPS officer Manoj Rawat who is a big fan of Sunny Deol in the Hindi film industry. He made the decision to become an IPS after watching the Sunny Deol movie “Indian.” He left not one, not two, but three government jobs, for this reason, passed the UPSC exam in 2019, and decided to apply for the position of IPS.

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Who is IPS Manoj Rawat?

Manoj Rawat is a native of the Rajasthan village of Shyampura in the Jaipur district. Manoj Rawat, IPM, was raised in a typical family. In a private school, his father worked as a teacher. Of his three siblings, Manoj is the oldest. Manoj Rawat took on the burden of the entire family after his father’s employment was terminated in 2008. Manoj began working at the office at the young age of 19 after finishing his schooling.

Manoj Rawat left three government jobs

Manoj Rawat didn’t stop his education in the middle of taking a job as a court clerk. Instead kept up his studies and began getting ready for the civil service. During this time, he was also offered a job by the CISF, but he declined it. Manoj had a major goal in mind, and he didn’t want to allow any other work to get in the way of it. He opted to leave three government posts for this reason.

Who is IPS Manoj Rawat
Who is IPS Manoj Rawat

Inspired to become IPS from Sunny Deol

Manoj Rawat quit three government jobs despite opposition from several people, however, Manoj’s family supported him in that decision. In reality, Manoj Rawat greatly admired and took inspiration from Bollywood star Sunny Deol. Manoj Rawat claimed in an interview that he decided to become an IPS after watching Sunny Deol’s movie “Indian.” Manoj eventually passed a 35-minute interview to become an IPS officer in 2019.

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