Taiwan sent combat aircraft in response to China
Taiwan sent combat aircraft in response to China

At 5 p.m. on Thursday, 53 Chinese aircraft and 8 naval ships were reportedly spotted nearby, according to News. 14 aircraft crossed Taiwan‘s midline during this. According to MND data, there are four Xian JH-7 fighter bombers and ten Shenyang J-11 fighter jets flying across the middle of the Taiwan Strait.

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According to Taiwan’s ministry, it has sent out “patrol teams” in the air and navy as well as “defense missile systems” to find Chinese military aircraft. Taiwan alerted China via radio broadcasts and sent “combat patrol aircraft” and “navy ships” in response.

A Y-8 anti-submarine warfare plane, five Shenyang J-16 fighter jets, two S-6 bombers, and a KJ-500 Third Generation Airborne and (AEW&C) aircraft were among the aircraft that entered Taiwan’s “ADIZ” zone.

According to Taiwan’s Defense Ministry, beginning September 17, 2020, Taiwan has been broadcasting information regarding Chinese aircraft entering “ADIZ.” In the meantime, nine other aircraft have taken off in Taiwan’s Defense Identification Zone’s southwest region (ADIZ).

America is supporting Taiwan

China and Taiwan are now openly challenging one another due to the extreme escalation in tension. Every time, Taiwan responds to China appropriately. America is reportedly helping Taiwan, according to reports.

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