Actor Katappa 'Sathyaraj' hospitalized due to corona
Actor Katappa 'Sathyaraj' hospitalized due to corona

There is an increase in Corona cases across the country. The government as well as Bollywood stars are concerned about this. Many large-scale actors from all over the country are reported to have fallen victim to Corona. Sathyaraj, the south industry famous actor who played the Katappa role in the film ‘Bahubali‘, was recently found Covid positive. He has now been diagnosed with a deteriorating condition.

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When Satyaraj was recently infected during the shooting, he was normal. After the report, he was placed in home isolation. The report claims that his health deteriorated to the point that he was hospitalized. According to a recent article, Sathyaraj has been admitted to a private hospital in Chennai. Earlier this week, he underwent a Covid test because he felt mild symptoms. He was then found to be Corona infected. According to the news, he was admitted to the hospital for treatment on Friday evening, 7 January, due to the condition not improving.

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There is no official statement

We must inform you that no official statement has been issued regarding Sathyaraj’s health, however, the reports indicate that he suffers from severe Corona symptoms. He has been taken to the hospital because his health has not improved.

Tamil cinema is the most popular

Sathyaraj is considered one of the biggest stars in Tamil cinema. In 1978, he began his film career. Following this, he worked in many films, but Katappa’s role in ‘Bahubali’ made him a household name. The actor Sathyaraj played Deepika’s father and a don in Chennai Express.

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