Corona death toll rises by 54 percent in a week
Corona death toll rises by 54 percent in a week

Corona’s third wave in India has produced frightening numbers. Covid19 patients have been on the rise across the country over the last week. In one week, the number of patients has increased six times due to Corona infection, based on figures up to Sunday. In just seven days, there have been 54 percent more deaths. The Omicron variant is believed to be responsible for this wave of the corona.

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In India, there were 7.8 lakh Corona cases between January 3 and 9. The number is six times higher than last week. Just 1.3 lakh were registered last week. An increase of 2.8 times of infections was reported earlier between December 27 and January 2. The speed of infection of Korana this time can be gauged by the fact that it took approximately 5 weeks to reach 1.3 lakh to 7.8 lakh cases during the second wave. Within one week, all records were shattered.

Record number of cases increasing

There were about 80 thousand cases of Corona in the country on Sunday. On Saturday, it was 13 percent higher. 159,583 cases were reported on Saturday. In terms of the number of Corona cases weekly, India has ranked fifth among other countries.

Death toll increases

During the third wave of Corona, there is also an increase in deaths. This week’s figures are up 54 percent from last week. In the past week, 495 people have died. The number has now risen to 761. The positivity rate was 13.29% apart from this.

Corona cases in Maharashtra

In Maharashtra, there were 2,20,176 cases of Corona this week. It is the highest number of any state. The second place goes to West Bengal. There have been 1,05 lakh cases this week. Compared to last week, there have been six times as many cases. Then comes Delhi’s turn. There were 95,609 cases this week.

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