America secretly bought more fuel from Russia than India
America secretly bought more fuel from Russia than India

In a report, the Center for Research on Energy and Clean Air (think-tank Center for Research Energy and Clean Air) claims that not India, but the United States is ahead in purchasing fossil fuels from Russia. Since the Russia-Ukraine War, European countries and the US have been more heavily involved in purchasing fuel than India.

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S Jaishankar, India’s External Affairs Minister, also spoke about the country’s intentions to purchase oil from Russia earlier in the day. In a press conference in America, S Jaishankar (India’s Minister of External Affairs) also said that India buys much less oil from Russia than Europe.

After the Russo-Ukraine war, India was reprimanded by US President Joe Biden due to India’s private sector companies and Reliance Oil buying more crude oil from Russia. The data revealed that India had bought 30 million barrels of fossil fuels from Russia since the Great War (Russia-Ukraine War 2022).

Russia Discount Offer On Crude Oil For India

In addition, Russia is offering India a discount on the purchase of crude oil, whilst India has issued an official statement making it clear that the discount of $30 per barrel is not attractive to it. CREA (Center for Research on Energy and Clean Air) claims that European countries received 71% of the 63 billion euros for crude oil from Russia in the last two months. The participation of Germany in this has been at the top.

For India, it has been reported that the country’s coal shipments have risen by 130% in the first three weeks of April compared to January-February.

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