Amit Shah to inaugurate Durga Puja pandal

With the arrival of Navratri, Durga Puja will also begin on 15th October. Bengal’s Durga Puja is well-known across the world, and each year, visitors from all over the nation and the globe gather to view the exquisite themes used in decorating their pandals.

The elaborate Ram Temple was the inspiration for the Durga Puja pandals in Kolkata. On Monday, Home Minister Amit Shah will open the pandal with a Ram Temple motif. The Santosh Mitra Square Puja Committee organizers have completed all of their preparations. The pandals for Durga Puja have also been decked with World Cup-inspired decor.

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The Durga pandal was decorated with a Chandrayaan-3 theme this year to honor the ISRO scientists. In addition to this, it will feature pandals like the Disneyland of Paris, the Palace of Mysore, the renowned Somnath Temple of Gujarat, the Museum of Jodhpur, and even the Ganga Ghat of Banaras.

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