Apple supports one million jobs in India
Apple supports one million jobs in India

Apple Inc said that it is investing significantly in the Indian market to broaden its reach to more local suppliers and engage with more of them throughout the country. The (Apple) iPhone manufacturer also noted that it has already supported more than 1 million direct and indirect jobs in the country.

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Apple’s employment estimates include its own employees, app developers for its iOS ecosystem, as well as workers and suppliers who support its factories in the country that manufacture several models of the iPhone.

It has been over two decades since Apple set up shop in Bengaluru and began manufacturing iPhones in 2017. Several of Apple’s manufacturing partners, such as Foxconn, Wistron, and others, have opened offices in Chennai. Apple’s vice president of operations, Priya Balasubramaniam, says that more iPhone models are being produced for domestic and international customers.

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The iOS app economy in India as well as our work with suppliers account for around 1 million jobs currently supported by Apple in India, Balasubramaniam said. Apple also has development centers for Maps in Hyderabad and Bengaluru, in addition to its corporate offices. A tool that helps budding app developers improve their products and increase customer satisfaction.

Apple plans to open additional physical retail stores in the country to further expand its presence there. September 2020 marks the opening of Apple’s India store.

In his address at the Bengaluru Tech Summit on Thursday, Apple’s Balasubramaniam stated that India can play a vital role in the global transformation of the manufacturing sector. As several new technologies are rapidly transforming the manufacturing sector, manufacturers aren’t an old profession as people believe. Among them are artificial intelligence, machine learning, augmented and virtual reality, advanced robotics, and 3D printing. It is called Smart Manufacturing by Apple.

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As part of its smart manufacturing initiative, an American tech company is setting up monitoring stations in India that use video machine learning. It will enhance productivity by enabling remote monitoring and control, she said.

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