Big bomb blast in front of Foreign Ministry in Kabul
Big bomb blast in front of Foreign Ministry in Kabul

In Kabul, Afghanistan, there was a significant bomb bursting in front of the foreign ministry, which caused commotion everywhere. Tolo News revealed this information.

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According to a spokeswoman for the Kabul security agency, Khalid Zadran, there were casualties in the explosion that occurred close to the foreign ministry, as TOLO News reported. However, the security personnel arrived at the location.

According to certain local media accounts, a meeting between Chinese and Taliban representatives was in progress when a big explosion happened close to the Foreign Ministry’s entrance.

Blasts have previously occurred

According to TOLO News, several explosions were heard on January 4 in Kabul, the Afghan capital. According to Khama Press, an explosion at the Kabul military airport three days ago resulted in at least 10 fatalities and eight other individuals suffering critical injuries.

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